Oven Repair

Its baking time, you want some warm cookies, or maybe a pizza, but the oven door decides not to close. It might not even turn on at all. Does this sound familiar? No need to panic. If you’re around the Bellevue area, Shane’s Appliance Repair have the team to help! We’ll get one of our experts out to your door as soon as possible!
If you’re after a team with mountains of repairing experience, then Shane’s have the answer! Our team can work with stoves of varied makes and models, there’s no challenge too great for us!
Why is my oven not working?
Ovens bring with them a variety of concerns. There may be an issue with the igniting motherboard, or the light above our cooktop could blow. It may even be a matter of a jammed door, there’s an array of
DIY repairing seems like a cost-effective option in the short-run, but in the long-run it’ll cause more pain than gain. Leave your major oven repairs to the experts, as they have the tools and expertise to fix your concerns.
The majority of appliance owners will nominate to attempt their own repairs as a means of saving money. However, this is not the case. Inadequate repairing will cause greater costs in the grand scheme – and it’ll instigate undue stress!
Safety is another major concern. Around 20 percent of all electrical deaths in America are caused by appliances. That’s a major reason why a trained professional is needed, someone who is aware of all safety protocols to ensure the safety of all is maintained.
Usual problems, troubleshooting, and repair
Lack of heat
You’ve noticed your oven isn’t heating, first assess your pilot light if it’s a gas. Additionally, assess whether you have a tripped break, for an electric stove. For those with power, it is likely you have a fault in the heating element, which will need replacement. Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than simply replacing it. You will need to assess whether the grill is functioning. If the heating element is and the grill is not, then the element will need substitution.
If none of these issues suit your concern, it may be a safety or thermostat malfunction. It is clear oven repairs are either relatively simple or highly complex – there’s no in-between.
Door concerns
When your oven door is causing you frustrations, this may be due to either the runner or hinges. To adjust the hinges, they’ll need to be readjusted or exchanged for an updated set. If your hinges aren’t the concern, try assessing the door seal as it may be worn.
For self-cleaning ovens, it could be a matter of problematic latches, causing issues with the door. If this is the case, full cleaning cycles will not complete.
Burnt food and an overheating oven are common results of issues with either your built-in sensor or malfunctioning thermostat. If the oven is too hot, do not endeavor to fix this yourself!
Should I replace my oven?
No matter the make of model of oven, they’re probably going to last around a decade. If your oven is approaching the ten-year mark, our team will endorse a replacement rather a repair. We always have the most affordable option in mind for you! Whether its repair or installation, we’re here to help – call us today!